Alexis Fraser, znana kot Lipstick Lex, ima zagotovo unikaten način ustvarjanja – 34-letnica že od leta 2012 navdušuje s svojo umetnostjo.

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Vse se je začelo, ko jo je neka stranka prosila za sliko Marilyn Monroe, ob tem pa ji postavila izziv, naj jo ustvari na netradicionalen način in v stilu Marilyn Monroe. Izbrala je tehniko pointilizem, ki je je slikarska tehnika, pri kateri se na platno nanaša pike, ki se ne prekrivajo, le da je umetnica izbrala odtise ustnic.

Ideja, da jo je ustvarila z ustnicami in šminko, se ji je zdela logična rešitev, tehniko pa uporablja še danes in je uspešna umetnica.


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. Self-Love 30”x30” 100% Lipstick and kisses 💄💋 . This piece was a challenge as I haven’t created a self portrait in years and well, I’ve always found it easier to paint others versus myself. This piece forced me to dive deeper into self reflection and an awakening to who I am now versus who I truly want to be. I often see butterflies here there and everywhere! Whether it is a real life butterfly or a butterfly bumper sticker I can’t seem to shake them! 🦋🦋🦋 I like to think that they’re my spirit animal constantly reminding me that I am on the right path. 2018 was a pivotal year for me personally and career-wise! I have learned new practises and discovered the power of manifestation.✨😌👌🏼💫. Close your eyes, and dream! There is no such thing as a dream that is too big! I have learned that you can truly think just about anything into existence if you believe you deserve it and you put forth the action that it takes to have it. Let’s srive to make 2019 the most beautiful year for ourselves yet! . Please like and hit that paper plane beneath this post to share to your story if you feel my vibe!!! . ❤️😘🦋💫

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Since I began this contemporary and unconventional art method back in 2012, I have strived to get my brand/my art on the radar of various beauty brands. With recognition from many over time such as @kikomilano, @ctilburymakeup, @kleancolor, @nudestix and then to working directly with brands like @bougieecosmetics, @younique_corporate and now @macpro / @maccosmetics!!! 💋❤️💋 I am incredibly grateful to all who see the beauty within my brand @lipstick_lex and the art and content I put out there… Today @maccosmetics released the video I created for @macpro for their #powderkiss lipstick launch and I couldn’t feel more grateful! 🙏🏼 When you work your ass off daily to build a dream into reality, a perk like this feels both amazing and damn well deserved! I didn’t get lucky guys, I earned this… 👊🏼💋 . . .

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